From the Golden age of Reggae Music until now, Cedric "Congo" Myton is a true living legend. Founding father of the iconic band "The Congos" with extraordinary vocal and lyrical skills, he wrote the most beautiful pages of Jamaïcan Music.
Born in 1947, in the small fishermen village of Old Harbour (JA), Cedric Myton started music at a very young age. His ethereal falsetto and his particular gift to write lyrics predestined him to a musical career.
At the age of 16, he took lead of "The Bell Stars", then in 1967, alongside Prince Lincoln, he founded "The Tartans" and dropped his first hit "Dance all Night" n°1 in Jamaïca. In this times, Cedric Myton's growing faith in Rastafari brings a new spiritual dimension to his music.
In 1975, Cedric Myton and Prince Lincoln founded "The Royal Rasses". Together they composed the album "Humanity". This very year, Cedric met Roydell Johnson and Watty Burnett with whom he founded "The Congos", the most crucial turning point of his musical journey.
The rich harmonies and the spiritual might of their lyrics lead "The Congos" to the legendary producer Lee Perry. In 1977, they entered the Black Ark Studio and recorded "Heart of The Congos". This masterpiece album of 10 musical gems, including the everlasting "Fisherman", is still nowadays considered as Lee Perry's best achievement. Recently, "Heart of The Congos" was elected "best Reggae album of all times" by internet users. Lead and impulsed by Cedric Myton, "The Congos" have entered Jamaïcan Music 's Pantheon and beyond.
From the 80's, Cedric Myton carries on a international solo career. He has recorded over 10 albums and participates to different musical projects amongst which English Beats, Fine Young Cannibals and more recently Inna De Yard collective. Cedric Myton performs on the most prestigious international stages with a constantly renewed vigor. Amazing performer, he fascinates, subjugates, magnetizes the crowds all over the world.
Cedric Myton is a monument, most definitely. After more than 50 year of career, his rebel soul still shines as a brand new penny. The quality and the depth of his work is exceptional, just like the man himself. Sensitive and rebellious, with open wide eyes on the world, Cedric Myton has a unlimited inspiration to speak the truth and teach the world Rastafari Righteousness. His lifetime works, which he still pursues with endless energy will remain as a treasure for eternity.