Jah Fagan, whose real name is Lloyd Fagan was born in September, 1967 and grew up in the Whitehall Avenue area of Kingston Jamaica. As a youth he attended Swallowfield all age school and then went on to attend Trench Town Comprehensive High School. After high school, he went to work in the registry and accounting department of the Ministry of National Security. While attending school, he realized that singing was something he loved. He spent some time with the Pace Setter band and was the number 1 dee jay along with his friend Caggy Weller and Khaya Morgan on King Challenger sound system. Sometime later he linked with Boom Tony, Don T, and Fargo Vice and starting singing again. Fargo Vice opened a studio, Don T took over and Jah Fagan recorded all of his music there. Jah Fagan also recorded at Techniques records and released a song called “What a go down” produced by Winston Riley. The song did not reach hit status and for years after Jah Fagan recorded for different producers, looking for a breakthrough. Most of this time he held nine-to-five jobs at the Ministry of National Security and was a manager at Pizza Hut, but in 2006 he decided it was time to devote himself fully to music.

His latest songs are Jah Jah Save me and Red Again. Jah Jah save me is produced by Hasani Sniche williams and Errol “Fargo Vice” Farquarson. Red Again was produced by Horatio Newton on the Youths Dem Cry Riddim and was released as part of a compilation album of the same. Both songs have given Jah Fagan renewed hope for a crack at the local charts.


Most of his recent recordings have been done for Donald T ‘Don T Thompson for the Dream Team , a production company based in the Whitehall Avenue community of St. Andrew where Jah Gagan grew up. A who dem, Chant, Gideon Boot and Nubian Queen were all produced by the Dream Team. Take a listen to Jah Fagan and his positive message, he says his goal is to sing songs to uplift the poor, the forgotten, out of the quagmire of despondency, to bring people together to find themselves in this vast world of illusions.

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