Mr. SupriZe

About Mr. SupriZe

From the album "Once Upon a Time In The West" by Scientist and The Roots Radics.  Out soon on Issue Records. Assistant engineers Brian Wallace and Danny Moon.

Charlie aka Mr. SupriZe is a rising Jamaican artist, raised by his grandmother in Spanish Town Jamaica and now resides in Southern, CA. He lives on the model, "Respect Is Given to Those that Earn it, Respect is kept by those who Give it". Mr. SupriZe music is refreshing and honest. He has the roots reggae sound with a new school reggae twist. He can appeal to not only the Jamaican audience but to listeners nationwide, therefore making him very marketable worldwide. Mr. SupriZe the proud father of three beautiful girls and the brother of many. He knows that everything he has and everything that he will get is because of the most high, JAH. Mr. SupriZe humble spirit makes him a joy to work with and an inspiration to many young artists.